Twitter shares concepts for possible upcoming features

The potential features would give users more control over their accounts

Twitter has shared concepts for four potential new features that would give users more control over their tweets and privacy.

One of the social media giant’s designers, Lena Emara, shared the concepts on Twitter. The first feature would make it easier for users with private accounts to make their tweets seen by non-followers in some instances.

“If you have a protected account and reply to someone who isn’t following you, you may not know they can’t see your reply,” Emara noted in a tweet.

Another feature would allow users with multiple accounts to switch to a different account directly from the main composition window.

Additionally, Emara described a potential feature called ‘privacy check-in.’ This feature would allow users to answer a series of questions that aim to help them decide how private or public they want their account to be.

The feature would essentially allow users to pick among various groups of settings depending on their preferences.

Another feature would allow users to prevent others from discovering their account by searching for their username. The feature would also allow users to disable their account from being featured under the ‘Who To Follow’ tab.

All of the aforementioned features would be a great addition to the app and would give users more control over their accounts. However, it’s worth noting that there’s no guarantee that these features will ever actually roll out.

Source: @LenaEmara