Apple’s new Gift Cards work digitally and in stores in Canada

Apple now only sells one form of gift card that works everywhere

For years, Apple has sold multiple forms of gift cards, but now the company has streamlined those cards into a single Apple Gift Card.

The new card works on iTunes, Apple TV, its several App Stores, iCloud and in the physical/online Apple Store. Each new card features also features a collectible Apple Sticker. To begin, the company’s new gift cards feature five different designs.

The Cupertino tech giant rolled out the new card in the U.S. last year, but now they’re available in Canada.

You can buy the new cards online from Apple. We expect them to also start appearing in retail stores around the country in the coming months as retailers sell out of the old Apple cards.

This is likely why Costco in Canada recently stopped selling iTunes gift cards. Apple said in August that “top retailers” will begin selling the new cards, so Costco will likely begin selling them again soon.

Source: Apple, iMore