Koodo, Fido and Virgin Mobile offering $50/8GB, $60/10GB and more plans

These new plans aren't quite as good as the deals from earlier this month, but $50/8GB isn't terrible either

Earlier this month, Koodo, Fido and Virgin Mobile all briefly offered some decent plans, such as $45 per month for 6GB of data. Unfortunately, those offers ended around July 6th, but the three flanker brands are back with new sets of plans.

Sadly, the new offers aren’t as good as the previous set, but they’re not terrible either. We’ve listed the offers below, based on the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) price. Those looking to get a phone with Fido or Virgin will need to pay a monthly financing fee on top of the plan cost, while Koodo customers need to pay a monthly Tab fee based on the Tab tier and phone they choose.

All the plans below included data at 4G/LTE speeds and unlimited minutes and messaging.

  • $30 – Pay-per-use data
  • $45 – 3GB of data
  • $50 – 8GB of data
  • $60 – 10GB of data
  • $70 – 12GB of data
  • $80 – 15GB of data

It’s also worth noting that Koodo and Virgin Mobile have both added their versions of the CRTC-mandated ‘low-cost’ and ‘occasional-use’ plans. Customers interested can find these offers below the typical plans offered by these carriers. Low-cost options include $15/250MB at 3G data speed with 100 Canada-wide minuted and unlimited messaging or $35/3GB at 3G data speed with unlimited minutes and messaging.

At the time of writing, it appeared the Fido did not have CRTC-mandated low-cost plans available. The deadline for carriers to add them is July 14th.

As mentioned up top, these plans aren’t quite as good as what the three flanker brands had earlier this month. Still, $50 for 8GB isn’t bad and could be a great option for some users. You can check out Koodo’s plans here, Fido’s plans here and Virgin’s plans here.