Seinfeld Lego set is a thing, and it’s releasing this month

Lego VIP members can order the set on July 21st, but non-VIP members will have to wait till August 1st

Lego is ready to launch an all-new Lego Ideas Seinfeld set to commemorate the sitcom’s 32-year premiere anniversary.

The set, which is designed to look like Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment, includes cameras, studio lighting, a stage for Seinfeld’s stand-up routine, a Festivus pole, a fishing pole and more.

In addition, the set includes all four main characters from the show, including Seinfeld’s arch-nemesis and Cosmo Kramer’s friend — Newman.

Check all major pieces included below:

  • Jerry Seinfeld with a microphone
  • Elaine Benes with a goldfish in a bag
  • George Costanza with rye bread and a fishing pole
  • Cosmo Kramer with a pretzel and The Coffee Table Book of Coffee Tables
  • Newman with a piece of mail

This new set came to life thanks to Seinfeld superfan Brent Waller from Australia. He created and submitted the set using the Lego Ideas platform back in 2019.

“I loved Seinfeld in the 90s and recently rewatched them all,” Waller said in Lego’s product release post. “I thought it was a travesty that a Lego Seinfeld set didn’t exist so I made an effort to resolve that and make the best rendition of Jerry’s Apartment and the gang that I could. The biggest challenge was trying to cram as much detail from the show into the kitchen, all the cupboards, items in the cupboard and on the bench-tops. But I am very proud of how it turned out.”

The set is scheduled to go live on Lego’s website on July 21st for VIP members and costs $109.99. Non-VIP members will have to wait until August 1st to purchase the set.

It’s worth noting that Lego’s VIP membership is free, so if you don’t want to wait until August 1st, head here to sign up for your VIP account.

Image credit: Lego

Source: Lego