Google is remodeling its emojis to better suit today’s world

Gmail and Google Chat users will be able to access the emojis later this month

Commemorating World Emoji Day, Google has announced that it is updating its already-vast collection of emojis with nearly 1,000 new and refreshed emojis for Android 12.

“Emoji have a global audience and it’s important for them to be globally relevant,” Google’s blog post about the emoji face-lift reads.

Google goes into detail by giving an example of the pie emoji. “It previously looked like a very specific American pumpkin pie (a family favourite!). Now it’s something everyone recognizes,” the post reads. This means that the new emojis will include a wide collection of pies, including apple pie, blueberry pie, strawberry pie, cherry pie, chicken pot pie, and the list goes on.

Further, the mask-up emoji is getting an overhaul too. Since the introduction of this emoji, the world has changed, drastically. The old emoji represented the feeling of sickness. With the emoji’s eyes closed, it gave a feeling of despair. Google has given the emoji the subtlest change by opening its eyes. The emoji looks more neutral now and better represents the world we live in where masks shouldn’t be associated with illness, rather, should be associated with avoiding illness.

The update also includes other minor emoji changes, such as correcting the motorway emoji with the wrong coloured lines and dynamic emojis that change when viewed in dark mode.

While the emojis are all set to release with the launch of Android 12, Google says Gmail and Google Chat users will be able to access them later this month.

Image credit: Google

Source: Google