Google Fit improvements open the platform to work with more apps

Google Fit's latest update is likely tied to a new version of Wear OS

A new update is rolling out to Google’s Fit app on Android and soon on iOS that makes the platform easier to browse and compatible with more health tracking apps.

The first new feature users will notice is a ‘Browse’ page located in the bottom taskbar. Tapping on Browse reveals a selection of data categories that are easier to understand. This new section includes information like activities, body measurements, vitals, nutrition, sleep and your menstrual cycle.

There’s also a new search bar at the top that makes it easier to search for specific data. Once you tap each category, you get a stack of cards showing off your related data. For instance, under the ‘Activity’ category, you’ll see data like your daily goals, steps and heart points. There’s also a prompt at the bottom to connect apps to Fit to get more data and information about activity types.

The update allows users to log how much water they’ve drunk and track menstrual cycles. That said, you can only log water consumption in millilitres.

Overall this is a decent update that makes Google Fit a little more straightforward to use and closer in line with Apple’s Health app. Google likely made this change in anticipation of a new wave of connected health apps related to the next generation of Wear OS devices. However, only time will tell if companies and users really start taking advantage of Google’s watch-based operating system this time around.

Hopefully, the Fit team is also working on updating the app for Material You in Android 12 too.

Via: 9to5Google