Tesla’s Cybertruck likely delayed to next year due to battery shortage

This is the second time that Tesla has altered the delivery schedule for the truck

During Tesla’s recent earnings call, Elon Musk, the electric vehicle (EV) giant’s CEO, said that if the company built the Cybertruck today, it would cost around a million dollars per truck to make.

The first Cybertruck models are scheduled to release this fall, so with this news in mind, it seems unlikely that the company’s upcoming EV won’t be ready for mass production by that date.

This delay is likely due to the fact that Tesla can’t build enough of the large 4680 battery cells. These are Tesla’s upcoming batteries that offer more power and energy capacity compared to the company’s existing battery cells. The last we’ve heard of these cells is that in July 2021, LG and Samsung had manufactured samples and were bidding on battery contracts with the EV maker.

It’s likely this comment from Musk indicates that both the Cybertruck and the Tesla Semi will likely continue to be delayed.

Prior to this, Musk said that the expensive tri-motor all-wheel-drive Cybertruck would release in late 2021, with the other trim options coming out in 2022. According to that report, most customers have pre-ordered the electric truck’s more expensive trim.

Source: Inside EVs