Shoppers’ Bonus Redemption Event is on now

You can spend your points on video games

Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart is currently running a ‘Bonus Redemption Event’ until August 18th.

On a normal day, 50,000 PC Optimum points account for $50 when you purchase something, but during Bonus Redemption Event, 50,000 points will give you $65, equivalent to 65,000 points.

Similarly, redeeming 100,000 points will net you $140 in value and 200,000 points will be equivalent to $300.

So what can you spend these points on? Shoppers currently has a handful of video games on sale that might make a solid purchase. Check them out below:

Learn more about the Bonus Redemption promotion here.

Image credit: Flickr — Huy Dang

Via: @Lbabinz