OnlyFans is now pushing a new safe-for-work iOS and Android app, OFTV

The company is looking to expand the platform beyond adult content

OnlyFans has rolled out a new app on iOS and Android called OFTV, which will only offer content that is strictly safe-for-work.

According to Bloomberg, the app soft-launched in January, but the company is only starting to promote it now. The app is part of OnlyFans’ attempt to push beyond its adult content and position itself as a neutral platform like Patreon. OnlyFans has become popular among sex workers as a way to earn money directly from fans instead of working with controversial big companies like PornHub.

“OFTV provides a super convenient way for fans to watch content from favorite creators,” OnlyFans CEO Tim Stokely told Bloomberg. “There’s no adult content on OFTV. Because it’s not being monetized and there’s no direct impact on creators’ earnings, we are able to be in the app store.”

The app offers more than 800 videos with lessons on the app, such as dancing, cooking, meditation, surfing and more. Current OFTV creator channels include Cheri Fit, Yoga with Taz and Tennis Class with Adi.  

Alongside OFTV, the company is announcing the season two premiere of OnlyFans’ original content series ‘Unlocked.’ The show features hosts like Casey Boonstra interviewing figures like media personality Mia Khalifa and actress Bella Thorne.

OFT is available on Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku, FireTV, Android T and Samsung Smart TVs.

Source: OnlyFans Via: Bloomberg