Virgin Plus offering 12GB/$50 plans through Instagram ads

You might be able to capitalize on this offer

Earlier today, while aimlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed, I noticed that Virgin Plus is running an ad for a 12GB/$50 plan.

When I went to Virgin Plus’s actual website, the deal isn’t there, so it appears that this ad is a one-off of some sort. The link from the deal page is available here, but it looks like it’s only for customers in Ontario.

It’s possible that if you tried calling Virgin or talking to someone through the company’s Virgin Plus Chat, you could also get the deal if you told them you saw the ad.

The only other alternative would be to go to the Virgin website on your phone and then over to Instagram. There’s a possibility this could trigger the ad, but it’s a long shot.

With all that said, the 10GB/$50 plan that Virgin — and that nearly all other Canadian carrier flanker brands — offer isn’t too bad.