Twitter is making threads even more chaotic by squeezing in ads

The new ad format is currently under testing on iOS and Android

Twitter logo on iPhone

Promoted Tweets and ads are already in excess on Twitter, and the micro-blogging platform is now testing a new place to display such targeted advertising: reply threads.

According to Bruce Falck, Twitter’s revenue product lead, the new ad format is currently under testing on iOS and Android, and you’ll see advertisements after the first, third, or eighth reply to a tweet if you’re included in the test.

The new format of displaying ads in reply threads isn’t currently active on the web browser version of Twitter. However, adding advertising and promoted Tweets to the mix on the mobile apps will only make it more confusing to determine whether you’re talking to a real person or a machine or one of the countless Twitter trolls.

Falck goes on to say that the option may basically enable monetization of tweets, with the tweet author able to opt-in or out of these advertisements and then receive a part of the revenue money.

However, the fact that a feature is in testing doesn’t mean it’ll roll out widely. “We’ll test different frequencies, layouts, contextually relevant ads, different insertion points, etc. And we’ll examine our learnings and figure out if it’s something we want to make permanent,” says Falck. “We’re excited about trying this out for our advertisers, and we’re eager to explore how it could open the door for additional opportunities to reward Tweet authors and creators. More to come.”

This comes soon after Twitter introduced ‘soft blocking’ to remove unwanted followers.

Source: @boo