Ericsson Canada and Concordia enter partnership to further AI knowledge and research 

The program will focus on project-based learning

The Canadian division of information and communication technology company Ericsson is entering a new partnership with Concordia University to allow employees to expand their skill set.

Employees will enhance their artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) skills in this specialized program by working with a team of researchers and graduate students from the university.

They’ll be presented with lectures and projects that discuss big data, programming, ML, deep learning, and infrastructure, in a program promised to stray away from a traditional learning environment.

It will instead allow students to bring the challenges they face at work to class and have professors provide tailored concepts that answer these challenges.

The collaboration will give Ericsson employees a new set of resources to create AI projects in a market that’s continuously developing.

“Technology changes on the front lines quickly, and ensuring our workforce has the right skill set is critical for our industry and business to stay competitive in a global economy,” said Paul Baptista, the head of Montreal research and development for Ericsson Canada, in a press release.

The program advances cross-sector partnerships and will assist the companies 5G and wireless domain experts with AI and ML tools.

“The collaboration of our researchers and graduate students with experts from industry will provide players on all sides focused time and effort to foster innovation and creative solutions that will expedite the use of AI driving the economy,” said Mourad Debbabi, dean of the university’s Gina Cody School.

The institutions have a history of collaboration. In 2019, the two, along with the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, created a security program to strengthen cybersecurity for future networks. A second collaboration came in 2020. Along with ENCQOR 5G, they created a new program to improve 5G network performance through cloud, AI, and edge computing technologies.

We’ve reached out to Ericsson for more information regarding when the program will begin and how employees can sign up. An update will be provided once the information is received.

Update 19/11/2021 9:25am ET: Ericsson told MobileSyrup the program started back in October. Interested employees can sign up through an internal registration form.

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Source: Ericsson