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What tech items are you buying this Black Friday?

I'm probably going to buy a couple of video games

This upcoming Friday is the post-American Thanksgiving shopping holiday, ‘Black Friday.’

As always, this is the ultimate shopping holiday (next to Boxing Day in Canada), where retailers discount a ton of products by significant margins. Tech items like TVs, smartphones, phone plans, audio equipment, video games and more will all be on sale.

MobileSyrup has tons of deal posts up on our site to help you navigate Black Friday, including the ones linked below: 

In this week’s Community Question, we want to know, what are you planning to purchase on Black Friday?

I’m probably going to buy a couple of games, including Dark Souls 3, since I can no longer play my disc copy on my PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. I might also grab Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy since it’s also on sale, and I might even buy Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 for my mom’s Christmas gift.

Let us know in the comments below what you plan to buy on Black Friday.

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