Some Bell Business Internet customers receiving $70/60GB mobile plan offer

There are a few caveats with the offer, but it looks like a solid deal overall if you can get it

If you’re a Bell Business Internet customer, keep an eye out for a hot ‘Black Friday’ offer that’ll nab you a $70/mo mobile plan with 60GB of data.

According to a post on RedFlagDeals, Bell is sending out the $70/60GB offer to Bell Business Internet customers. The offer is available with a new activation on an eligible two-year plan, either with a phone or as a bring-your-own-device (BYOD).

Further, the activation must be under the same name as the primary account holder and must be done over the phone or in-store using a special promo code provided with the offer. Finally, Bell offers a $200 bill credit for switching team members over to Bell Business lines.

Finally, the offer isn’t compatible with Bell’s ‘Roam Better’ add-on and is only available until November 29th.

Overall, it seems like a pretty solid offer for any business customers out there. As with any offer like this, however, your mileage may vary. And, of course, it’s disappointing to see plans like this when they aren’t available for regular customers, especially when Bell’s other plans start at $80/mo for 20GB.

Image credit: RedFlagDeals

Source: RedFlagDeals