Redeem Cineplex tickets for half the points this weekend

From November 27th to 28th, you can scoop up movie tickets for half as many Scene points as usual

Cineplex is running a ‘half point’ Scene redemption event on November 27th and 28th. For a limited time, moviegoers can get tickets for half the number of Scene points.

Eligible tickets include general, UltraAVX, VIP, IMAX, D-BOX, 4DX or ScreenX:

  • General / 3D – 625 points (regular 1,250)
  • Enhanced (includes UltraAVX, IMAX, D-BOX, 4DX and ScreenX) – 1,000 points (regular 2,000)
  • VIP – 1,250 points (regular 2,500)

Overall, it seems like a fairly solid offer if you’re itching to go see a movie and redeem some Scene points. You can learn more about the deal here (and book some tickets too).

It’s worth noting you’ll need a Scene card and some points to take advantage — if you don’t have one, you can learn more about Scene here.

Source: Cineplex Via: iPhone in Canada