Spotify testing out TikTok-like music discovery feature

This will likely catch on pretty quickly

Like nearly every social media platform out there at this point, Spotify is testing a music discovery tool that functions like TikTok.

This new tool, ‘Discover,’ is part of Spotify’s nav bar along the bottom of the app and slots between the Home and Search icons. Tapping on the new button brings up a vertical music video and the audio to accompany it. You can then swipe up and down to navigate these songs like you would with TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and more.

Spotify has confirmed that this feature is being tested in its beta iOS app, according to TechCrunch. That said, it’s unclear when it will make its way to all users.

This is a fun little add-on to Spotify, but I’m concerned how the TikTok formula could shift the already warped music-making progress by forcing musicians to ensure the opening ten seconds of songs hook people.

I’m also worried this feature will only show off songs with music videos or canvas album art, leaving lesser-known artists behind.

Via: TechCrunch