Melinda Rogers-Hixon wants to move past the family drama

The Rogers director spoke with The Globe and Mail about the company’s future

In her first interview since the Rogers board debacle earlier this year, Melinda Rogers-Hixon says rebuilding broken family relationships is of the utmost importance.

The daughter of the late Ted Rogers is a director at Rogers Communications. She told The Globe and Mail that rebuilding relationships isn’t only important for the family, but for the future of Rogers and its employees.

“Right now it feels a bit raw, and I think we need to take a bit of time and then sit down and try to figure out how to rebuild it.”

The family’s strained relationship has been in the public eye for months when her brother, Edward Rogers, attempted to oust former CEO Joe Natale, without bringing the matter to the board. He believed Natale’s performance wasn’t up to par.

Rogers-Hixon, her sister, mother, and numerous directors on the board were against the move; Rogers succeeded in the end. Natale was ousted and replaced by Rogers pick, Tony Staffieri, the company’s chief financial officer.

Rogers-Hixon told the Globe Natale was the best CEO the company had since her father. “He brought us the Shaw deal — that’s no small feat,” she said.

Rogers is currently in the process of acquiring Shaw, a broadcaster serving Western Canada.

The deal was the subject of a hearing with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) last week.

Aspects specifically relating to broadcasting were discussed. Executives from Rogers argued this merger was the best for Canadians as it would bring more options to the market and increase competition. Rogers assured the CRTC drama surrounding the board wouldn’t make its way into the merger.

“Our board, our management team, and I are totally committed to this deal. We will stand behind each and every commitment made by our team today. Just like every other time we have appeared before you, we will always meet our obligations and our commitments,” he said on the first day of the hearing.

Rogers-Hixon confirmed she is speaking with her brother but the two have a lot to get through.

Source: Globe and Mail