Microsoft Teams Essentials offers expanded meeting limits for small businesses

Teams Essentials subscribers can also get 10GB of cloud storage instead of the usual 5GB

Microsoft now has a stand-alone Teams offering aimed at small-midsize businesses (SMBs).

Dubbed ‘Teams Essentials,’ the new product packs in a few new features designed specifically for SMBs alongside the typical slate of Teams features.

That includes extended meeting times sizes, with a 30-hour time limit and a 300 person limit. Teams Essentials also offers twice the amount of free Teams cloud storage: 10GB.

Beyond that, Teams Essentials offers the same features as regular Teams. That includes calendar integration with Outlook or Google, group chat templates, easy invitations, and much more.

It’s also worth noting that regular customers looking to use Teams for personal use can unlock the expanded meeting capabilities with a Microsoft 365 Family or 365 Personal subscriptions instead of getting the business-oriented Teams Essentials.

Microsoft says it will sell Teams Essentials direct to customers as well as through cloud partners. You can learn more about Teams Essentials here.