CLC partners with Shaw to advance computer science programs in Western Canada

"Empowering youth to see themselves as creators, not just consumers, of technology."

Canada Learning Code (CLC) is partnering with Calgary, Alberta-based Shaw Communications to support the advancement of its several coding programs, including CLC’s Youth Ambassador program, the Girls Learn Code Program, the Teens Learning Code program, as well as its Code Squad through 2022.

The partnership makes more sense because coding is of the highest paying and most in-demand jobs in Canada.

“As digital technologies play ever-more important roles in our lives, CLC is committed to providing engaging and practical digital education opportunities for youth in Canada,” says Melissa Sariffodeen, CEO and founder of Canada Learning Code. “Through the continued generous contributions from our partners like Shaw, we will be able to further deliver on this mission by engaging more youth in our computer science education programs across Canada.”

While the partnership will build on current coding programs, it will also aid in the further development of computer science education programmes for youth across Western Canada.

Said programs help teens access online workshops for collaboration and professional development with industry leaders, allowing them to further their computer science education.

The partnership comes just about a week before Canada Learning Code’s annual CLC Week, from December 6th to December 10th. For more information on the upcoming CLC Week activities, click here.

Image credit: Shutterstock

Source: Canada Learning Code