Freedom is reportedly offering a 15GB for $35 plan

Freedom regularly offers its 15GB bring your own device plan for $45/month

Freedom Mobile is reportedly offering a bring your own device promotion with 15GB of data for $35 per month.

First shared by RedFlagDeals user ‘ikeny,’ the promotion is not listed on Freedom’s website, however, it is advertised and available in Freedom Mobile, Best Buy and The Mobile Shop stores.

According to ‘ikeny,’ the only downside to getting the promotion in-store is that you’ll likely have to pay a $45 activation/service fee, though they also provide a workaround.

‘ikeny’ says that they spoke to a Freedom Mobile chat agent, who was able to give them the promotion, minus the service fee; however, your mileage may vary.

Regularly, Freedom offers its 15GB bring your own device plan for $45/month.  The promotional plan is likely a result of a $10 holiday digital discount for $10 per month for 24 months, effectively bringing the price down to $35/month.

Find more information about the promotional plan here.

Image credit: RedFlagDeals (ikeny)

Source: RedFlagDeals