Microsoft changes Xbox Game Pass for PC to PC Game Pass

However, you still access PC Game Pass from the Xbox app on your Windows computer

Microsoft revealed a very important announcement: ‘Xbox Game Pass for PC’ is now ‘PC Game Pass.’

If you found the name of Microsoft’s game subscription service for Windows computers confusing, well, the new name should clear that up. Xbox Game Pass remains available for Microsoft’s line of consoles. Nothing else has really changed.

Although, you still access PC Game Pass through the Xbox app on Windows. So, maybe it’s still confusing.

As an example of how little has changed overall, the Xbox Game Pass for PC PC Game Pass Twitter account tweeted a list of patch notes for the service that basically just says the name changed in various ways.

Beyond that, the prices for available Game Pass plans remain the same. PC Game Pass costs $11.99 in Canada, although right now you can get the first three months for just $1. Xbox Game Pass also costs $11.99. Game Pass Ultimate, which gives you Game Pass on PC and Xbox, as well as access to xCloud, Xbox Live Gold and EA Play, still costs $16.99 per month (and just $1 for the first month).

If you’re an avid PC gamer, I’d argue it’s worth checking out PC Game Pass. It’s generally pretty good value with access to a ton of games, including new additions each month and day-one access to Xbox Game Studios titles.

You can learn more about Game Pass here.

Source: @XboxGamePassPC Via: Polygon