Google Pixel Watch watch faces leak online via APK deep dive

The leak showcases 10 watch faces

More leaks regarding Google’s often-rumoured Pixel Watch have started to appear over the last few weeks.

Last week, reports of the minimalist design and rumoured 2022 release date surfaced, and now, leaked images of the Pixel Watch’s various faces have appeared.

9to5Google took a deep look into Wear OS 3’s emulator files and uncovered a video of 10 watch faces it believes are tied to the rumoured Pixel Watch.

One of the watch faces showcases the Fitbit logo, suggesting there will be at least some level of Fitbit integration with Google’s smartwatch.

What’s also notable is that two of the watch faces were seen in Front Page Tech‘s previous Pixel Watch leak, suggesting there’s at least some level of legitimacy to this leak.

The several watch faces showcase a digital clock and a few complications such as weather, heartbeat and steps.

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There are also a few digital watch faces and a pair that I would describe as artsy. For example, there’s a sun featured in two of these watch faces that’s located in different positions in the sky. It’s likely that this sun moves throughout the day.

There are several analogue watch faces as well. For example, one showcases the heartbeat rate, and another offers calories burned, weather, Google Calendar and heartbeat.

The one that’s by far the most interesting is that aforementioned Fitbit watch face that features a Fitbit icon, stairs climbed and calories burned, alongside what looks like how many minutes you’ve spent running.

With all of these recent Pixel Watch leaks in mind, it seems like the wearable is almost certainly in the works at Google. However, it’s still unclear if the smartwatch will be revealed alongside its Pixel smartphones in the fall or at Google I/O in May.

Source: 9to5Google