Rogers starts construction of cell towers along Highway of Tears

The move is part of the company’s plan to expand service along Highway 16 in B.C

Rogers has started building its first cellular tower along Highway 16 in British Columbia.

12 new towers will be built along the highway to serve the area between Prince Rupert and Prince George — also known as the Highway of Tears. The name is in reference to the dozens of Indigenous women and girls who went missing or were found murdered along the 720-kilometer route.

The new towers will create 252 kilometers of cellular coverage across the highway, helping to create continuous wireless coverage and creating a safer environment for travel. The company will also be providing coverage to three rest stops along the highway at Boulder Creek, Basalt Creek, and Sanderson Point.

“It means the world to me and our women to connect with others and keep in touch, especially on this highway – anything can happen at any given time,” Gladys Radek, Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls activist, said in a statement. “This tower and project will bring a lifeline to all of us who travel along Highway 16 regularly and will bring a sense of safety and security that will help us prevent future tragedies.”

The project is part of the company’s larger wireless service expansion project. Seven towers will also be built along Highway 14. While the project was expected to be completed in October of this year, it has been pushed to 2022 because of the global equipment and steel shortage.

Image credit: ShutterStock

Source: Rogers