Here are the best Canadian carrier Boxing Week deals

Free earbuds, streaming subscriptions, phone discounts and more

Several Canadian carriers and flanker brands started rolling out Boxing Day Week and holiday deals. There are quite a few offers out there, but only a few are really good. Below you’ll find some of the best Boxing Week carrier deals revealed so far.

Note: Expect carriers to change, remove or add deals over the coming weeks. We’ll try our best to keep this page updated with great offers over the next few weeks.


Bell has a few deals that are worth paying attention to. The main highlights from Bell’s Boxing Week offers include six months of free Crave when you finance a phone with Bell. The carrier also has three months of free Apple Fitness+ for those who buy select Apple Watch models from Bell. Phone highlights include:

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 – $0 down, $17.50/mo financing with Device Return Option (or $30/mo financing if you keep it). Either way, you’ll save compared to buying the phone directly from Samsung for $999.99.
  • iPhone 13 – $0 down, $22.71/mo financing with Device Return Option.

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Online shoppers looking to pick up a Samsung device should pay attention to Telus’ Samsung earbuds deals. The Vancouver-based national carrier will give away free Galaxy Buds Live with select Samsung phones. If you want a phone that doesn’t qualify for that, Telus also offers $70 off Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2.

Other highlights include:

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Toronto-based national carrier Rogers has a few decent deals on for Boxing Week. For one, Rogers has the cheapest 40GB plan of the Big Three carriers at $80/mo (Bell and Telus both charge $85/mo for 40GB). Rogers also offers six months of free Disney+ and/or six months of free Apple Music with select plans. More highlights include:

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Fido has a couple of decent offers when it comes to phones, plus two decent plan offers for Boxing Day:

As for plans, Fido has the $50/12GB offer once again (although this means little if you already grabbed it during the Black Friday sale). The Roger flanker brand has a $55/17GB plan too.

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Virgin Plus

Bell flanker brand Virgin Plus has a ton of deals on phones and some interesting add-ons, like four months of YouTube Premium with select phones. Check out some highlights below:

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Shaw Mobile

Shaw’s Boxing Day plans don’t differ from previous offers, but the carrier does have some phone deals worth looking at. Check them out below:

  • iPhone 13 – $0 down and $35/month on Shaw’s tab (save $288)
  • Galaxy S20 FE 5G –$0 down and $30/month tab (save $240)

More Shaw Mobile Boxing Week offers are available here.


Perhaps the most interesting offer from Telus flanker brand Koodo is its free Apple TV+ with the purchase of select iPhones. There are some other neat deals we’ve included below too:

  • iPhone 12 64GB: $0 down, $30/mo financing — You save $256 over 24 months + Get up to six months of Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade for free
  • Google Pixel 6 128GB: $0 down, $26/mo financing — You save $276 over 24 months
  • TCL 20 Pro 5G 256GB: $0 down, $15/mo financing — You save $430 over 24 months

Koodo has some hot deals on pre-owned devices, with several options available for as low as $1/mo tab cost.

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Freedom Mobile

Shaw-owned Freedom Mobile rolled out some nice Boxing Day offers with discounts on a bunch of Apple, Samsung and Google gear. Check it out:

  • iPhone 13 128GB: $0 down, $20/mo financing with TradeUp — You save $648 over 24 months
  • Galaxy S21 5G 128GB: $0 down, $15/mo financing with TradeUp — You save $960 over 24 months
  • Pixel 6 128GB: $0 down, $20/mo financing with TradeUp — You save $408 over 24 months

Freedom also has some decent plan offers. You can check those out, plus the rest of the carrier’s Boxing Day deals, here.


Vidéotron’s Boxing Day deals include some decent phone prices and plans starting at $65/mo for 25GB:

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Sasktel’s notable holiday offers include the following:

More to come…