Public Mobile’s holiday deal gifts new subs 2GB forever, existing subs get it once

This is a pretty good deal as long as you don't mind slow data speeds

Public Mobile is offering a few bonus offers and festive discounts to celebrate the holiday season.

While the company has been running a free bonus data promo for the month under its ‘More is Merrier’ tagline, it’s now added a flash sale that lasts until December 23rd for new users. If you switch to Public Mobile before the end of the deal, the carrier is offering an extra free 2GB of data for as long as you’re a subscriber.

The catch is that this only applies to plans that start at $35 or more. However, this does mean that you can get 4.5GB of data for $35 a month as long as you don’t mind being throttled down to 3G speeds.

You can sign up for the plan here if you want to switch, and you can check out the More is Merrier promotion if you’re already a Public Mobile subscriber, here.

Source: Public Mobile