Canada’s Snapchat Lens of the Year is ‘Big Mouth’

The viral Little Bernie meme also made the list

Snapchat has released a list of the most popular lenses used by more than 10 million Canadians throughout 2021.

Going forward, Snapchat aims to release this list annually to reflect back upon the Lenses that revolutionized the way Snapchatters created, explored, learned and played the past year.

“We’re amazed by the creativity and technical prowess of our community that has supercharged Snapchatter’s appetite for augmented reality,” said Sophia Dominguez, Snap’s head of AR platform partnerships.

  1. Big Mouth was the most popular Lens of 2021 and was used by more than 11.7 million Snapchatters.
  2. Soft Filter was used by more than 11.5 million Snapchatters this year.
  3. More than 9.7 million Snapchatters put on a Happy Face in 2021.
  4. Butterfly Cheeks was used by over 9.5 million users.
  5. 8.3 million Snapchatters across Canada turned themselves into Broccoli Head.
  6. ROM‘s Snapchat AR experience that showed the true scale of how massive Whales actually are was a hit, and so was the Little Bernie, with Snapchatters around the world placing the U.S. Senator in their meme-Snaps.

Clothing brand Levis and Snapchat collaborated this past year by creating a ‘Double Portal’ lens that allowed users to virtually try on a customized ‘Trucker’ jacket, whereas Tim Hortons and Snapchat partnered to create a custom lens that helped spread awareness about Tim Hortons’ ‘Smile Cookie initiative,’ which donates to 625+ local charities and organizations in communities across Canada.

Find Snapchat’s full global Lens report here.

Image credit: Snapchat

Source: Snapchat