Cineplex updates its plan going forward amid new Ontario venue capacity guidelines

Cineplex makes it clear that ticketholders don't need to cancel/reschedule their tickets

Update: 20/12/2021 at 3:10pm ET — In accordance with provincial laws, Cineplex has confirmed that all of its theatres in Quebec will shut down at 5pm ET until further notice.

The theatre chain says it’s already begun processing full refunds on tickets, so there’s no need to contact customer service.

Original story follows:

With Ontario reporting 3,124 new COVID-19 cases today — a 115 percent increase from last Friday — the provincial government’s recent decision to reinstate capacity limits for some indoor venues, including casinos, movie theatres and entertainment or sports venues, is very necessary.

But what does this mean for avid moviegoers who’ve been waiting to watch Spider-Man: No Way Home and The Matrix Resurrections?

Shortly after the Ontario government announced that it would be reinstating capacity restrictions, Cineplex announced that it was reviewing the new guidelines and that ticketholders should keep an eye on their email inbox for further communication from the cinema chain.

Now, Cineplex has disclosed its plans going forward, and, at least at the outset, the situation doesn’t seem that bad for ticketholders.

According to the government’s mandate, the new guidelines only apply to indoor venues with a seating capacity of more than 1,000. Cineplex says that its theatres with less than 1,000 capacity — of which there aren’t many — will not be affected by the new guidelines and movies will play as expected.

For theatres with more than 1,000 seating capacity (the majority of Cineplex cinemas in Ontario), overall seating will be cut by 50 percent.

“To accommodate these new government guidelines in our large theatres, some guests with reserved tickets may be moved to other seats and auditoriums when they arrive onsite to see their movie,” reads Cineplex’s update on Twitter.

Cineplex makes it clear that ticketholders don’t need to cancel/reschedule their tickets. However, they might be moved to a different auditorium to abide by the government guidelines and maintain social distancing.

Cineplex also states that it will “try” to keep groups seated together, though it depends “on the situation when you arrive.”

Update 12/18/2021 at 9:29am ET: Corrected an error in the number of COVID cases listed in the first line.

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