Boston Dynamic’s robot dog Spot hides inside a present

Imagine getting this on Christmas morning

Hyundai-owned Boston Dynamics shared a ‘Happy Holiday’ message on Twitter featuring its dog-like ‘Spot’ robot crawling around inside of a present.

As The Verge points out, the clip has a striking similarity to Metal Gear’s Solid Snake disguising himself with a cardboard box and crawling around the jungle.

That’s about it for the short clip. It opens on a large present, then the present stands up and walks off frame, revealing a ‘Happy Holidays’ message.

While some may be concerned about the idea of Spot hiding in a box and sneaking up on people, it’s worth noting that the box would significantly hamper Spot’s sensors. In other words, Spot likely wouldn’t be able to navigate while wearing the box since it can’t detect what’s around it.

Instead, someone would need to control it remotely, making this less of a spooky Skynet scenario with robots disguising themselves as presents to ambush people and more of an over-the-top prank.

This is the latest stop of Spot’s world-spanning journies, which previously saw it pick up dancing, join the French army, patrol a Hyundai-owned Kia manufacturing plant in South Korea and even join a Toronto construction job.

Source: Boston Dynamics Via: The Verge