Google’s Nest Hub Max may soon switch to Fuchsia OS

This will be Google's second device to run Fuchsia OS

While Google quietly released Fuchsia OS on the first-generation Nest Hub earlier this year, it looks like the operating system (OS) is headed to the Nest Hub Max.

According to a comment posted to the Fuchsia code change, Google is prepping an update for the Nest Hub Max that will shift its OS from the Linux-based Cast OS to Fuchsia OS.

Spotted by 9to5Google, Fuchsia is in its final stage of internal testing for the smart home device. Considering the change wasn’t very noticeable with the Nest Hub, it’s unlikely to be all that big of a deal on the larger device.

Fuschia is Google’s operating system designed for its smart home devices. It’s unclear when Fuchsia will release on the Hub Max.

Source: 9to5Google