Fido offering 50 percent off select internet plans for 12 months

Virgin Plus also has discounted internet plans, but Fido's are better


Rogers flanker-brand Fido is offering a decent deal that can net you cheap internet for about 12 months.

Currently, Fido has its 75Mbps and 150Mbps internet plans discounted by 50 percent for 12 months. That means the prices are as follows:

  • 75Mbps down / 10Mbps up, unlimited – $37.50/mo for 12 months (usually $75/mo)
  • 150Mbps down / 15Mbps up, unlimited – $42.50/mo for 12 months (usually $85/mo)

Overall, those discounted prices seem pretty good, and they actually make both plans cheaper than Fido’s base $60/mo 30Mbps plan, which isn’t included in the deal.

A few other details include that there’s a one-time $49.99 installation fee if you don’t choose to self-install, and Fido notes in the fine print that plan “prices may increase during subscription.”

Moreover, several posts on a RedFlagDeals thread about the deal note that the offer is primarily for new customers, but some posters indicated they had success getting the deal as an existing customer. Other posters warned that users should watch their bills to make sure Fido includes the modem rental in the discounted price — some users claim Fido didn’t apply the discount to the modem rental, despite the company’s website listing the rental as included.

It’s also worth noting that Bell’s Virgin Plus offers slightly cheaper pricing on its slightly worse internet plans. Virgin currently has 25Mbps for $35/mo, 50Mbps for $35/mo and 100Mbps for $40/mo. Virgin is offering credits for 12 months, instead of a flat percentage discount — for example, the 100Mbps plan normally costs $80/mo but includes $40 in credits each month for 12 months. You can learn more about that here.

Source: RedFlagDeals