Samsung Galaxy S21 FE unboxing leak reveals phone in olive green colour

The unboxing also backs up several leaked details about the S21 FE

Another Samsung Galaxy S21 FE leak has turned up online. This time around we get a full unboxing video that shows off the device.

The latest unboxing comes from Reddit user ‘UnknownWon’ (spotted by Android Police). UnknownWon shared a short video with them opening the box and starting up the phone, as well as some pictures. The Reddit post turned into an impromptu ask-me-anything (or AMA) where UnkownWon answered several questions about the S21 FE.

Most of the details back up previous leaks, confirming things like the Snapdragon 888 chipset, 6GB RAM (in the base version), a 4,500mAh battery, headphone jack, no microSD card slot and a 120Hz display. The unit unboxed in this video comes in the olive green colour — other options from previous leaks include black, white and purple.

One interesting difference with UnknownWon’s S21 FE is that it appears to run One UI 3.1 and Android 11, instead of the newer One UI 4 on Android 12. Previous leaks point to the S21 FE running Android 12 at launch, so it’s a bit strange. Android Police suggests that UnknownWon’s S21 FE is a pre-production unit running older firmware, so it’s likely a safe bet that the final release units will have Android 12. The only other thing I can think of is that the S21 FE will have a day-one update to bring the device from Android 11 to 12, but we’ll see what happens.

With all these leaks, it seems like there’s not much left that we don’t know about the S21 FE. Samsung will likely officially unveil the device soon — perhaps at CES 2022. However, Samsung’s rumoured Galaxy S22 smartphones are also likely right around the corner, so it might be worth waiting to see what the company does with those before picking up an S21 FE.

And for those wondering about price, previous leaks pegged the S21 FE at about $1,087.

Header image credit: UnknownWon

Source: Reddit Via: Android Police