Roku expanding TV Ready program to more brands

TV Ready allows Roku TVs to automatically switch to supported soundbars when users plug them in

Roku remote

Roku announced that it will expand its ‘TV Ready’ certification program to include new audio products from Element, JVC, Pheanoo and Philips. Additionally, Roku opened the program internationally — Bose and other partners are expected to launch TV Ready devices in Canada, Mexico and the U.K. soon.

It’s worth noting that Roku launched TV Ready in Canada back in March with a limited set of supported soundbars.

Roku’s TV Ready is an effort to make connecting soundbars and speakers to Roku-powered TVs much easier. Roku TVs will detect audio devices that support the feature automatically when plugged in. Once detected, Roku TVs will turn off their built-in speakers and switch over to using the new audio device. Even better, users will be able to control those audio devices using their Roku remote.

TV Ready first launched in 2020 with TCL and Sound United (the parent company of Polk, Denon, Marantz, Class A and Boston Acoustics) as its initial partners.

Along with the new partners joining the TV Ready program, Roku announced that Polk Audio and Westinghouse will join the list in 2022.

Those interested can learn more about Roku’s TV Ready program here.

Source: Engadget