Anker’s Nebula to launch new projector called Cosmos Laser 4K with Android TV

This is a rather expensive projector

Anker’s sub-brand Nebula is launching a new projector called Cosmos Laser 4K.

The new projector runs Android TV 10.0, sports a pair of 30W speakers for games/movies and can project 4K images at 2400 ANSI lumens.

Like other Android TV 10.0 projectors, the device won’t be able to run Netflix natively, but Anker says that the Cosmos Laser comes with a 4K streaming dongle, allowing users to cast content from their smartphones.

Additional features include three-second autofocus, automatic keystone correction and eye-guard technology, which will protect kids or pets that might attempt to look directly into the bright bulb.

Anker will launch a Kickstarter on January 11th before shipping the Cosmos Laser 4K in March. The device will cost $2,199 USD ( about $2,796 CAD), which is expensive. In comparison, BenQ’s 4K Gaming Projector costs $1,850 CAD.

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Source: Nebula Via: The Verge