Google removes all traces of Pixel 6 series December 2021 update

You'll have to wait until later this month to download the December/January security patch for the Pixel 6

All signs of the Google Pixel 6 series December 2021 security patch have officially disappeared.

In December, Google released its December 2021 security update for the Pixel 6 series a little late and only to some users. Following that, this, the tech giant paused the rollout due to an issue related to dropped calls and disconnections, but the company didn’t take down the image files from its developer site, allowing users to still manually update on the Google flagship.

However, following the January 2022 update, Google has officially removed all links to the December update for the Pixel 6 series.

Google’s factory image and OTA image pages for the Pixel now lack the December update and only mentions the November 2021 patch.

January’s update rolled out to the Pixel 3a and the Pixel 5a (not available in Canada.

Unfortunately, Pixel 6 owners won’t get the January or December update until later this month. Pixel 6 owners will recieve the January and December update later this January.

Source: 9to5Google