Qualcomm, Microsoft partner to develop custom chips for AR glasses

The partnership will also use Microsoft's Mesh tool and Qualcomm's Snapdragon Spaces XR platform

Qualcomm and Microsoft announced at CES 2022 that they would go beyond working on PC chips and partner on a series of augmented reality (AR) initiatives. That includes developing custom chips for AR glasses.

Qualcomm detailed the partnership in a blog post (via Engadget), although it didn’t share much about the chips or the end products. All we got was a promise of “lightweight” and energy-efficient glasses.

Aside from developing chips, there was also a focus on software. The collaboration will use Microsoft’s ‘Mesh‘ virtual collaboration tool and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Spaces XR development platform. The companies didn’t specify which platforms they would support, but chances are the support will include Windows and likely Android.

The Microsoft-Qualcomm team-up shouldn’t be much of a surprise. The two companies have partnered on things like ARM chips for PCs (although rumour has it that deal may end soon) and Microsoft uses custom Qualcomm chips in its Surface Pro X devices. Plus, Microsoft already has its HoloLens AR tech, and it has wanted to make that more accessible for a while.

Couple that with the ongoing hype about the metaverse and the push to AR technology to fuel meetings, and it seems like the right time for Microsoft and Qualcomm to partner on AR tech.

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Source: Qualcomm Via: Engadget