ENCQOR 5G and Telesat’s new partnership focused on advancing 5G network in Canada

The two companies will focus on both in rural and urban areas

Satellite operators Telesat and ENCQOR 5G are entering a new partnership to deliver 5G network across Canada.

The two companies will take part in demonstrations advancing connectivity, specifically focusing on industries in rural areas.

Telesat will incorporate a backhaul link to the ENCQOR testbed, a spokesperson from Telesat told MobileSyrup. This will allow telecom companies and research organizations working on 5G applications to test on both fibre and satellite connections.

“Partnering with ENCQOR 5G allows the ability to test and compare performance of 5G applications over terrestrial and the non-terrestrial networks,” the spokesperson said.

The program is focusing on connectivity in remote communities, agriculture and energy industries, and within maritime, aviation, and government bodies.

Telesat has conducted 5G trials using their Phase 1 LEO satellite with mobile networks around the world.

Since being founded in 2017, ENCQOR, a Canadian enterprise, has focused on creating the first corridor of 5G communications in Canada.

“This partnership will lead to collaboration with all the major players in the implementation of 5G and the academic research organizations,” the spokesperson said. “Telesat has ongoing relationships with the terrestrial service providers, operators and solutions providers.  Telesat and ENCQOR 5G plan to leverage their respective relationships to develop best-in-class, end-to-end 5G solutions.”

Image source: ShutterStock
Source: Telesat