Google not-so-smart displays struggling to set timers, fix on the way

Smart displays like the Nest Hub seem to have forgotten how to set timers

If you’ve tried to use a Google Nest display to set a timer anytime in the last few days, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered a problem.

I’ve stumbled across this issue a bunch recently, usually when cooking — I’ll ask for a timer and my Google Nest Hub will reply with something along the lines of “I don’t know how to help with that” while displaying a screen with “Other things you can try,” which includes buttons to set a timer (as seen in the above image).

Usually, the Google Nest Hub sets a timer fine when I ask a second time. Still, it’s incredibly annoying to have to deal with when I need a quick timer.

Several people over at Android Police, as well as Phil Nickinson from Digital Trends, have reported experiencing the same issue. A Google spokesperson confirmed to Android Police that the company is aware of the problem and is “working on an immediate fix.”

So, if you’re getting hit with the weird timer issues, at least there should be a fix sometime soon. However, I’ve found my Google Nest Hub doing other weird things with timers, too.

For example, the other day it seemed to register my timer request and even displayed the timer with the correct time as normal, but the timer never actually started counting down. After fiddling with it, I eventually gave up and made a timer on my phone instead. It’s not clear whether that’s part of the same issue, another issue entirely or just my Nest Hub doing something weird (which it tends to do).

Source: My Nest Hub crapping out Via: Android Police