OnePlus adds multi-device connection spec to OnePlus Buds Pro

It looks like I'm going to need to update my review 👀

In a surprising move, OnePlus has rolled out an update for the OnePlus Buds Pro earbuds that make it easier to switch between two devices.

Similar multi-point connection tech is part of what makes Apple’s AirPods so desirable. OnePlus says that OnePlus phone users can update the OnePlus Buds Pro through the Bluetooth settings, but other users will need to download the ‘Hey Melody’ app to get access.

When I when to apply the update on my OnePlus 9 Pro, I was able to update the buds at the bottom of the earbud’s settings page. Once installed, I needed to navigate back to the OnePlus Buds settings page and turn on ‘Dual Connection.’

You can’t manually select your secondary device from this menu, but it automatically picked up my iPhone that had been previously paired with the OnePlus Buds Pro in the past.

From there, I was able to get the earbuds to switch seamlessly between the OnePlus 9 Pro and iPhone. I will note that the earbuds will only switch when one device is paused. If you’re listening to music on a OnePlus device, simply playing content on another device won’t transfer it over. You need to pause the content on your current device first and then it moves over to your secondary device if it’s playing audio.

This worked a lot more seamlessly than I expected and added a lot of value to the already well-rounded OnePlus Buds Pro. It might not work as automatically as AirPods, but it’s still very convenient and offers the same productivity boost when working between a phone and a computer that I enjoy with Apple’s AirPods.

If you’re interested in the OnePlus Buds, you can read my full review here.

Source: OnePlus