You can (finally) listen to Clubhouse conversations without an account

But only if you're in the U.S.

Conversations on audio platform Clubhouse can now be enjoyed through the use of a browser — and keen listeners don’t need to make an account to access conversations.

The company announced on Twitter (rather sarcastically) that it has introduced the new sharing feature. This allows users to share a live room with other Clubhouse members and on social networks, allowing anyone to listen in using a shared link.

Prior to this, conversations could only be joined through the Clubhouse app, severely limiting who could listen to conversations.

Clubhouse seems to acknowledge this when they tweeted “we invented [sharing] and nobody has thought of it before.”

Engadget reports the feature is “experimental” and only available in the U.S. for the time being. It could expand to other countries if the new feature receives enough support.

Questions remain if the company worked fast enough to debut the change, given the competing options that have launched since Clubhouse was created, such as Twitter Spaces.

9to5Mac reports such competition contributed to a dramatic decline in Clubhouse’s monthly download numbers, which reached its peak with 8 million downloads in February 2021. That number dropped below 1 million two months later.

Image credit: ShutterStock

Source: Clubhouse via: 9to5Mac