PUBG Mobile just pulled a Fortnite move: Adds Spidey

Additionally, PUBG Battlegrounds (PC) is now free-to-play

Fortnite recently added Spider-Man and his web-shooters to the game, and the new item was instantly successful. PUBG Mobile is now following suit with its version 1.8 update, and the web-slinger is in the game for a limited time, starting today.

Spider-Man is available to play alongside in the Erangel map until January 14th, after which the web-slinger will rotate to the Livik map and stay there until February 14th. In both the maps, you’ll fight alongside Spider-Man to take down a boss. Watch the video below for reference:

Defeating the boss will award you advanced supplies, including a Web Shooter and a Spiderweb Ball. Additionally, new Spider crates scattered around Erangel can drop regular supplies, as well as Spider-Man items.

Read the complete PUBG Mobile Update version 1.8 release notes here to learn about everything new added to the game.

The Spider-Man update also coincides with PUBG PC becoming free to play.  The news was announced during The Game Awards 2021 in early December, and the game officially went free-to-play yesterday, Wednesday, January 12th.

All new free tier players will have access to the majority of the game’s playlists. However, players who previously supported the game (bought it) would automatically be upgraded to a new Battlegrounds Plus tier, which offers ‘Survival Mastery XP +100% boost,’ ‘Career – Medal tab,’ ‘Ranked Mode’ and the ability to create custom games. Additionally, Battlegrounds Plus tier players will get free items, including a ‘Captain’s Camo Hat,’ ‘Captain’s Camo Mask,’ ‘Captain’s Camo Gloves’ and ‘Bonus 1300 G-COIN.’

Additionally, pre-existing players would  also be treated by a ‘PUBG – SPECIAL COMMEMORATIVE PACK’ which includes a ‘Battle-hardened Legacy Corset,’ ‘Battle-hardened Legacy Jacket,’ ‘Battle-hardened Legacy Gloves,’ ‘Battle-hardened Legacy Pants,’ ‘Battle-hardened Legacy Boots,’ ‘Shackle and Shanks Legacy – Pan’ and ‘Nameplate – Battle-hardened Legacy.’

All eligible players will receive the freebies on their first login after the free-to-play transition.

It’s worth noting that new players can also purchase the Battlegrounds Plus upgrade for $12.99 (roughly $16.25 CAD).

Read more about PUBG Battlegrounds’ free-to-play transition here.

Image credit: PUBG

Source: PUBG