This app lets you invest in real estate around you with as little as $1

The app features a metaverse where you can see all your real estate investments

A Vancouver-based startup is making it easier for everyday Canadians to invest in real estate. addy lets you do fractional investing in the real estate market, and its app is now available for iOS users.

The app lets Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec residents fractionally invest in real estate with as little as $1. It’s kind of like buying a portion of a stock or a commodity. Aneven better example is Bitcoin. One Bitcoin is valued at $42K USD (about $52,ooo CAD) at the moment, but you can still invest just $1,000 in it to own 0.024 of it. Similarly, investing $1 will get you 0.000024 portion of a Bitcoin.

While the real estate market has been dominated by big players, and inaccessible to most people, addy provides a platform for Canadians to start investing in the housing market with no minimum investment requirement. Now, of course, if you’re putting up $1, don’t expect the returns to be grandiose, but the fact that you can put up something as little as $1 towards real estate is impressive.

“We wanted to bring the accessible investing experience we’re known for closer to our members through a mobile app,” said Micheal Stephenson, CEO and co-founder of addy. “From your palm, you can now invest in a commercial complex, business park, or apartment building alongside thousands of other community members. We are thrilled to offer Canadians a simple and fun way to start building their financial future with real estate.”

The addy app offers users the following features:

  • Invest in institutional-grade commercial real estate in Canada
  • Opt in to notifications for every property that drops on addy platform so that you never miss out on an investment opportunity
  • Invest $1-$1500 per property (members can invest in as many properties as they want)
  • No fee transactions
  • Learn about investing in real estate as you go
  • Access to the addyverse – a digital twin of all of a member’s investments made

addyverse is addy’s in-app metaverse where you can see your real estate investment portfolio in an animated layout.

Learn more about addy here. Currently, the app is only available on iOS, with an Android version coming out soon.

Image credit: addy

Source: addy