Federal government details $145 million spending to improve internet access in rural Ontario

The money will improve internet access for 23,000 households


The Government of Canada is working to bring high-speed internet to 98 percent of the population by 2026.

The initiative has led to a barrage of announcements from the federal government benefiting several provinces, including B.C., Newfoundland and Labrador, and Ontario.

Most of the recent announcements focusing on Ontario provide details on the historic $1.2 billion investment the federal government and the Province of Ontario announced in July 2021.

Here’s a breakdown of Ontario’s most recent funding details that benefit rural and First Nations communities:

$63 million for 13,748 households

  • Huron Telecommunications received five contracts worth $4.5 million, benefiting 897 households.
  • Tuckersmith Communications received one contract worth $10.6 million to improve internet access for 1,191 homes.
  • Cogeco Connexion received three contracts totalling $17.6 million to benefit 3,341 homes.
  • Vianet Inc. received a contract worth $352,850 to benefit 117 households.
  • Bell received a $30.4 million contract for 8,202 homes.

$15 million for 1948 homes

  • Mornington Communications received an $11.6 million contract benefiting 1,390 homes.
  • Quadro Communications received three contracts totalling $3.8 million to improve internet connection in 558 households.

$51 million for 4,086 households

  • Bell received a $49.5 million contract to benefit 3,852 households.
  • The government has also allocated $2.3 million to improve access to 234 homes but has not released who will be working on the project.

$16 million for 3,330 households

  • Execulink Telecom received a $3.6 million contract to benefit 656 households.
  • Ottawa has further allocated $12.4 million to improve access for an additional 2,674 households but has not shared who will receive the contract.

Image credit: Shutterstock

Source: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada