Rogers Infinite plans now offer $5 discounts with ‘Automatic Payments’ [Update]

This works similarly to Freedom's 'Digital Discount'

[Update: April 27th] — Rogers ‘Automatic Payments Discount’ for Infinite 5G data plans also works with a direct withdrawal from your bank account.

Rogers now features ‘Automatic Payments Discount‘ for its Infinite 5G data plans.

Automatic payments are similar to Freedom Mobile’s ‘Digital Discounts,’ which means you’ll need to link your credit card to your account or set up direct withdrawal from your bank account to get automatic payments to go through every month. This now gives you five dollars off your monthly bill.

Here’s what Rogers’ fine print says:

“A $5/month discount is available on eligible in-market consumer Rogers Infinite plans (excluding Rogers Preferred Program) to customers who set up Automatic Payments on their account (not retroactive). You must keep Automatic Payments active with an eligible plan to maintain this discount. Discount will end if you move to an ineligible plan or cancel Automatic Payments.”

Here are the plans on Rogers’ site:

    • $85 for 25GB with automatic payments
    • $95 for 45GB with automatic payments
    • $100 for 50GB with automatic payments.

If you don’t have a credit card or have direct withdrawal from your bank account set up, you’ll pay an extra $5 for each of those plans per month. You’ll have to pay a bit more each month for those who don’t want to pay with their credit cards or want to set up direct withdrawal.

It’s worth noting that these are Roger’s regular plans as of April 7th, so less of a discount and more of a price increase if you’re not paying with credit cards.

Source: Rogers, iPhone in Canada