Bell’s partnership with Amazon Web Services allows growth opportunities in various industries

The service is launching in Toronto first

Bell is continuing its relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) by using the company’s wavelength to launch the first multi-access edge computing (MEC).

The move allows end-users to better access higher speeds and lower latency associated with Bell’s 5G network and cloud services in regions with AWS. Doing so will enable several industries, including retail, transportation, and manufacturing, to access growth opportunities and customer experiences.

MEC moves traffic and services away from the cloud and closer to customers. AWS Wavelength is deployed on 5G networks and reduces latency and network hops needed to connect from a 5G device to an AWS-hosted application.

“With our ongoing investments in supporting emerging MEC use cases, coupled with our end-to-end security built into our 5G network, we are able to give Canadian businesses a platform to innovate, harness the power of 5G and drive competitiveness for their businesses,” Jeremy Wubs, senior vice president of product, marketing and professional services at Bell Business Markets, said.

The service is only available in Toronto, and Bell says it will add more wavelength zones.

Bell announced its partnership with AWS last year. AWS Wavelength is also available in the U.S., U.K, Germany, South Korea, and Japan.

Source: Bell