Pela’s compostable iPhone 13 case is still stellar one month later

These Canadian-made cases are pretty amazing

If you have a new phone and you’re looking to protect it with a trendy-looking case that’s also good for the environment, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve been testing 0ut the Lavender iPhone 13 Pro case from a Canadian company Pela, and it’s my new favourite case for two main reasons.

One is the soft-touch feel. Above all else, a case needs to feel good in my hand, and the combination of flax shive and plant-based biopolymers that the company uses is incredibly soft. Imagine the smooth back of the Nexus 5x, but better, with more cushion and in tons of eye-pleasing colours.

That leads to my second favourite point. The cases come in a huge array of designs, but the pleasing pastel-inspired hues that the company uses as its standard colours are fantastic. I’ve been testing out the Lavender colourway, and the flax inside of it gives it a bit of a speckled effect that looks really nice. If it’s not for you, there are cases with graphics, other colours and even clear cases with compostable bumpers.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a good case without protection, and the Pela’s iPhone 13 case holds up there too. The model I’m using is quite rubbery, so it offers a decent amount of impact resistance. The case also fits snuggly onto my iPhone and doesn’t add too much bulk to it either. If you opt to use a standard Pela case and a Pela liquid screen protector, the company even offers a guarantee that it’ll fix your screen if it breaks.

I’ve been using this case on my phone for about a month now and it’s held up like a trooper. There was even a day when it got packed tightly in my bag and ended up getting some black scuffs on the edges, but after a few more days of use, they washed away.

My favourite thing about the case has to be its colour, but the company’s green mission is a close second. As a tech reviewer, I go through a lot of plastic waste and specifically, a lot of phone cases. Having a case that I know isn’t going to end up in a landfill offers peace of mind, and having it be as stylish as a Pela case is a huge plus on top of that.

If you’re interested in learning about how these cases are made the company has a great video on it that you can watch below.

You can buy your own case at Pelacase.ca and the iPhone 13 Pro model featured here retails for $48.95.

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