Koodo increases cost of its U.S and international roaming plans

Both plans have increased by $1

Koodo has increased the cost of its roaming plans.

As first reported by iPhone in Canada, the U.S. roaming plan increased from $11 a day to $12. The international plan has increased from $14 a day to $15.

Koodo caps the cost of Easy Roam U.S. at $240 per billing cycle and Easy Roam International at $300 per cycle. This means users can continue to use their phone plans without any additional fees.

The Telus flanker brand is following similar price increases as Bell, which will be increasing the cost of its international roaming plan to $15 a day, up from $14. The change will come into effect on May 12th. Bell isn’t increasing the daily cost of its U.S. roaming plan.

Companies are increasing the prices of roaming plans as travel restrictions brought on by COVID continue to ease. It won’t be surprising if other telecom companies follow suit.

Source: Koodo Via: iPhone in Canada