Telus launches new wearable security line

Telus has partnered with U.S-based invisaWear

Telus has launched a new security service that allows users to call for help at a touch of a button.

The company’s SmartWear Security line offers personal safety devices disguised as wearable accessories.

Users can purchase the safety feature in the form of a necklace, bracelet, keychain, or charms.

“By simply double-clicking your wearable device, you can immediately alert selected contacts and share your geolocation,” Zainul Mawji, president of home solutions and customer excellence at Telus, said.

“It’s empowering our customers with technology that immediately connects them to the support they need in an emergency.”

Telus is partnering with U.S-based invisaWear, which creates the devices. It’s connected through Telus’ wireless network and monitored by the SmartHome Security team.

Once the user clicks the device twice, the user’s pre-selected emergency contacts will be alerted, or they’ll be put in touch with the monitoring team for emergency assistance.

Users can manage SmartWear Security through an app that provides round-the-clock monitoring and alert modes users can personalize.

Prices start at $12 a month if bundled with another Telus service.

Source: Telus