Meta announces new Project Cambria VR headset has a focus on work

It's still unclear when the headset will release

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has officially revealed new details regarding its upcoming virtual reality (VR) headset. The company is tentatively calling the headset Project Cambria and is positioning it to focus on work-related use cases.

During Meta’s latest earnings call, Zuckerberg touched on Project Cambria. However, in a Facebook post, the CEO went into more detail on what’s in store for the headset.

“Later this year we’ll release a higher-end headset [than the Oculus Quest 2], codenamed Project Cambria, which will be more focused on work use cases and eventually replacing your laptop or work setup,” said Zuckerberg during the call.

Zuckerberg described the Cambria as a “premium device” and claims it features “improved ergonomics and full-colour passthrough mixed reality.” Meta also appears to be developing new features for the headset, including eye tracking and face tracking. Zuckerberg claims that your avatar can “make eye contact and facial expressions” when using Project Cambria.

Recently uncovered Renders of Project Cambria courtesy of tipster Brad Lynch reveal that Meta’s upcoming headset features a more minimalist design aesthetic. When compared it to Meta’s Oculus Quest 2, Cambria looks more lightweight, and the head strap running across the middle of the headset appears to be removed. Finally, Meta may also be leaning towards a darker colour pallet with the overall design.

Project Cambria will likely be a cornerstone of Meta’s metaverse ambitions. While Zuckerberg refrains from revealing more details, he assures eager VR users that the company will reveal more information about the headset “in the months ahead.” An exact release window for Project Cambria remains unknown.

Image credit: @SadlyItsBradley

Via: IGN