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Google expands options to remove personal information from search results

The policy now includes email addresses and phone numbers

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On request, Google will now remove personal information, including addresses and phone numbers, that show up in search results.

According to a blog post, the tech giant is expanding its existing request process that features removing identifiable information used in cases of doxxing and fraud. That information included banking details, credit card numbers, and social security numbers.

The expanded policy also allows other personal information to be removed, such as email addresses and log-in credentials.

Google will evaluate all requests to ensure it doesn’t limit widely helpful information, such as details available in news articles. The tech giant also won’t remove information if it’s a part of the public record on government websites or other official sources.

But Google removing the information doesn’t mean it’ll be erased from the internet. Users will have to contact the hosting website directly to request removal.

“Maximizing access to information while empowering people to be in control of their sensitive, personally identifiable information is a critical balance to strike,” Michelle Chang, Google’s global policy lead for search, wrote in the blog post.

More information on the requirements to have information removed and how to start the process is available on Google’s support page.

Source: Google