Amazon Kindle begrudgingly accepts ePub book files

Amazon has finally stepped aside and will allow ePub book files onto Kindles late in 2022

Amazon has held firm over the past 15 years by keeping the widely accepted (some would even say ‘default’) digital book format, ‘.ePub’, off its digital reading devices, but a truce has finally been struck.

A new update to the ‘Send to Kindle’ extension/app now ingests ePub files and converts them to a compatible Kindle file type before sending them over to your e-reader.

Obviously, this isn’t an ideal situation and requires a bit of a workaround, but at least it seems to be a step in the right direction. Perhaps in another 15 years, Amazon will actually tear the walls down and let anyone read anything on Kindle.

You can get the Send to Kindle app on Android, PC, Mac, Chrome or you can just send your documents through the email address associated with your Kindle. You can learn more about it on Amazon’s website.

It’s also worth mentioning in this story that Amazon’s long-standing .Mobi and .AZW files will no longer be supported by the Send to Kindle programs at some point later in 2022. Most people should be fine, since, over the years, these have updated into KF8/AZW3/KFX files. Existing ‘.Mobi’ and ‘.AZW’ files on your Kindle should also still work.

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